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Positive Approach
To Care

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Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care® at Hawaii Island Adult Care

Welcome to a new era of compassionate dementia care at Hawaii Island Adult Care, where we are thrilled to introduce the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care® (PAC). Teepa Snow, a distinguished expert with over 40 years of dedication to dementia care, has crafted PAC into a globally recognized training method.


Positive Approach to Care® (PAC): Building Positive Connections

PAC focuses on fostering positive relationships, nurturing well-being, and delivering person-centered care tailored to the unique needs and abilities of individuals living with dementia. Teepa Snow's innovative approach sets the standard for training care partners to support those undergoing brain changes.


Understanding Teepa Snow: A Dementia Care Pioneer

Teepa's journey, blending personal caregiving experience, occupational therapy, and roles with organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association, culminated in the creation of Positive Approach to Care®. Her commitment has earned her numerous accolades, including the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.


Our Journey Toward PAC Designation: A Commitment to Excellence

Hawaii Island Adult Care is actively embracing the PAC philosophy, committing to becoming a PAC Designated Organization. Our team undergoes intensive training, ensuring a deep understanding of Teepa Snow's principles and their effective implementation.

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