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Caregiver Connection

Getting Along to Care for Mom

Getting Along to Care for Mom

If you share caregiving responsibilities with siblings, these tips can help by Barry J. Jacobs, AARP Beware that caregiving disagreements don’t create resentments that cause long-term relationship damage. My brother and I, normally close, have had a strained relationship for the past 18 months. The cause is sad but common: We don’t agree on the […]

Dementia Workshop – Thursday, Oct 15

Dementia Workshop – Thursday, Oct 15, 2020

Challenging Behaviors: Recognizing Unmet Needs In this 1.5-hour workshop on Thursday, October 15th, “Challenging Behaviors: Recognizing Unmet Needs,” attendees will learn to understand which physical and emotional needs can cause challenging behaviors. Learn hands-on techniques to connect and comfort using visual, verbal, physical and emotional connections. Learn to develop new skills related to approach, cueing, […]