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Caregiver Connection

In the Company of Caregivers
A poem by: Lani Kaaihue
From the book Mosaic Moon: Caregiving Through Poetry By: Frances H. Kakugawa
Used with Permission
In the company of caregivers,
I indulged in memories
Of a loved one slowly fading
From his sense of self and connections,
Into a muddled shadow
Of the genuine person I knew.
In the company of caregivers,
I learned that others were fearful
Of the rough word spoken in anger,
Callous responses to repeated questions
And physical manhanding of
Confused, resistant loved ones.
In the company of caregivers,
I spoke openly of the forbidden:
How shame and anger could
Degenerate into denial,
Escalating rare incidents
Into a brutal way of life.
In the company of caregivers,
I confessed frailties and frustrations,
Weakness and desperation,
Countless futile attempts
To solve puzzles without solutions 
Like murders without bodies.
In the company of caregivers
I was accepted with all my failings.
I bonded heart to heart
With other helpers to the helpless,
Gentle defenders of dignity and
Living testaments of love.